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We are proud to recommend eufora premium products. eufora products are people and planet friendly. Let us recommend the right products to recreate your look at home and maintain healthy hair.
Indulge yourself by using the finest hair care products available — you deserve it!

eufora products for women and men

Each product in the Curl’n Collection is formulated with a unique complex of ingredients to help condition and hydrate the hair to reduce moisture loss, control frizz, improve flexibility and hold curl.

Each product in the Eufora Smooth’n Collection is formulated with amino acids, vitamins and a unique blend of natural oils that work to strengthen and protect the hair shaft while delivering exceptional moisture, shine, smoothing and de-frizzing results.

Nourish Promise Collection EUFORA’S TOP 5 TIPS FOR TLC!
1. Protect from UV rays and environmental stress with
Leave-In Hydration
2. Pamper your hair with Urgent Repair Shampoo
3. Mend damage from aggressive heat styling with Fortifi Keratin Repair
4. Get your daily dose of antioxidants with Beautifying Serum
5. Add a stimulating scalp massage to your shampoo regimen

A truly multifunctional promise, Aloetherapy has at its foundation the best beauty secret nature has to offer in Aloe Stem Cells, derived from Certified Organic Aloe. This long standing and proprietary Eufora science is then super charged by harnessing the power of innovative plant and flower technologies could in water lily and oat to deliver a uniquely calming and memorable experience. 

Rumours Salon and Spa

The Eufora Volume Promise offers boosting solutions to amplify, define and lift lifeless hair!
The Volumizing Shampoo formula delivers more noticeable volume, softness and shine. Balanced proteins, botanicals and keratin amino acids work to restore body to thin, fine and lifeless hair. Weightless conditioning formula won’t leave hair parched and thirsty.

The Daily Balance Conditioner is a zero-weight conditioner and it increases body and adds manageability to fine and limp, lifeless hair. Eufora proprietary protein, vitamin and botanical technology adds fullness, softness and shine.

HERO for Men™
For the man who wants to look good without seeming like he tried too hard! When it comes to a man’s style, it has been said that he should look as if he bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them. In other words, the most stylish men know how to make looking good seem effortless! Eufora HERO for Men™ newest product, Molding Paste, does just that by helping men achieve that nonchalant, sexy hair style. Molding Paste is the ideal in-between hair product for men due to its natural sheen and pliability. It contains Eufora’s proprietary technology which provides leave-in benefits to help combat premature hair loss and maintain a healthy scalp. Also available, the Eufora Thickening Elixir is incredible! Prepare to run your fingers through thicker, fuller feeling hair! This one of a kind product leaves hair feeling thick but without any sticky or tacky feeling. Work through damp hair and add a shot of hot air from the blow dryer for maximum results. You’ll be amazed at how great your hair feels and what’s more, it’s actually good for your hair and scalp; the ProAmino Peptide Complex provides “wear-in” treatment that benefits healthier hair and scalp.